Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clone Wars Premier Party

The Host, Ryan Bradley

We were so lucky to be chosen by to host a Star Wars Clone Wars Season 3 Premier party last Friday. Ryan would hardly wait for the end of the week and even Emerson got in on the excitement. The kit arrived about a week before the party and we were able to spend a little time going over everything and lining up our party.

We had 4 great friends join us for the premier party. We began the party with several activity sheets followed by a light saber fight in the living room.

I served Ewok Stew (Chicken Tortilla Soup) to all of the boys covered in yummy cheddar cheese and served with crispy tortilla strips.

All of the boys were so excited that they ate quickly and promptly went out to play while the table was cleared and the Galactic Battle Game.

All of the boys enjoyed playing the new game and were excited about the bracket competition. At the end of the competition, the boys were able to choose 2 action figures to take home at the end of the evening.

The boys settled into the theater room and enjoyed Yoda Sodas and fresh popped popcorn. They loved the season premier and were so excited about watching the next episode. The behind the scenes DVD and preview were also a big hit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green is Good

April 22, 2010

Today is Earth Day 2010. Earth Day always makes me think back to Ms. Walker in Biology II. I was so excited that I chose her name for Teacher Appreciation week. At the end of the week she gave me a gift as a thank you for everything that week and it was my first Earth Day t-shirt. I absolutely loved it and wore it until it literally fell apart. Ms. Walker had such a positive impact on my life and the two memories really bring joy to my heart.

Fast forward way more years than I care to admit to Earth Day 2010. We have been blessed with an amazing spring and everything around us is blooming and alive. At work today, I was walking back across campus Rendi and Lynette and we were talking about how beautiful everything is right now. Both ladies told me how much they love taking pictures when everything is so green and how much it impacts pictures.

I couldn't wait to get dinner out of the way tonight so that I could try my hand at green photos. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Photos

April 4, 2010

Here are my favorite photos from today. Easter is such an amazing today. Today the world stops to rejoice in Jesus conquering the grave. Today we take time out of our crazy daily lives to stop and spend time in reflection of all that Jesus did for us.

Emerson was the first to find the Easter baskets this morning and was so sweet to get her brother before tearing into her basket.

The only picture of the kids I was able to get today.

Emerson loves being held by Chad. Aren't Jill and Zoey too cute?

Grammy plays with Zoey & Emerson

Here is my attempt to get a picture of the kids at the beginning of the egg hunt.

The cheering section!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Emerson from today. I just love her curls.

I convinced Ryan to help hunt eggs today because it was 80 degrees out and we had a lot of chocolate! It makes me a little sad that this is probably the last year that he will hunt eggs.

My niece Cameron with her Uncle Jordan.

Jill, Brittney, Steve, and Katie help the little ones.

My grandma and Chad help out the kids.

E is for Emerson. This was my failed attempt #2 for today. I wanted Emerson to sit next to the letter E for a couple of pictures like last year. Oh well, maybe next year--or not.

Can you tell that she loves her Easter eggs?

C is for Cameron

Easter at Day Care

Emerson's class had their Easter egg hunt Thursday morning, but unfortunately, we missed it. The hunt had been rescheduled each day this week at 9:30. So, crazy me, I took her at 9:10 on Thursday morning. I was sad that we missed the egg hung, but Emerson took it all in stride. We helped walk all of the kids from her class and the other young 2 class back to their room. Her amazing teacher even had yummy iced sugar cookies waiting at the room.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blessed with Friends

I was totally surprised with Joey & Isha Jones along with their brand new daughter Siah came out to watch Ryan's 2nd soccer game. We couldn't have asked for better friends. Both the kids were super excited and it was adorable to watch Emerson literally run across the field to get to Joey.

Ryan's team had a great game and are now 2-0.

Way to go Tornadoes!

Ryan is playing in the U10 Big Country Soccer Association this spring. He is playing on the tornadoes and having a great time!